Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011


I know, I know... I watched it with my girlfriend and I am so glad, we did. This was so cute! I loooove that movie!


To compare Elizabeths hair a little with Rapunzels xD

The concept of an artwork I'm planning to do.

I like her face very much <3

Pi xD

Naomi with her Vulpix.

Oh... A little bit practising my dear Finley.

Theres an artwork on a cover and I plan to draw this in my style °w°

My girlfriend ran towards me, with only her panties on (and a shirt of course!) and said "I took off my pants!". The only thing I could say, was "Oh? Really?"
Oh and Lara and Punzel xD (And Eugine!)

Lara being stupid! We just love Lara & Kurtis!

My girlfriend and Culu and me drawing in Paintchat!
(Yeah, finally I'm linking to my girlfriend xDDD)

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